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seems to just exit as soon as i click the .exe

The game does not support Win 10 at the moment.

HOTAR 0.3.00 is finally out with many new features! Please see the changelog inside of the archive.

It automatically says not responding i tried compatibility settings but no avail

Maybe just wait a minute while the game is loading? It can take some time depending on your system.


Will there be more updates? 

Not sure, I didnt work on the game for some months now as there aren't many people interested in it, it seems. I would have to do more marketing and such but I don't really want to spend my time and effort on these aspects. 

Working on the next update now! It will bring some bug fixes and also nice new features. Not sure when it will be out but I will keep developing the game because it's a lot of fun to do :)


I downloaded it because it really looks awesome. But everytime I open it, it just says it's stopped working. I can't find anything on the forums or the comments here, about it even. I guess I'm the only one that's had this problem?  Gives no insight as to why it stopped working either. Would really really like to play this :)

Have you installed OpenAl via oalinst.exe (Hotar\Dependencies)?

Yes. I installed the file that came with the game. It still just says not responding right away when I open it :( I really do want to try this!

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Hm, some information about your system would be helpful (OS, hardware...). What you can try is install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable, this might help but I'm not sure. Please tell me if it helps or not. If it really helps then I will add it to the installation instructions.

I have problems with most of the games I've downloaded from here. Windows 10, AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon. 8gb ram. Anything specific you'd like to know? I tried to install, and it said a newer one was already installed. That shouldn't matter should it? Or does it depend on something that's in an older version that's not in a newer version?

I have found an article which could help you here. Maybe try out some of these solutions. I think that there should be something wrong with your system if you are experiencing the same problem with other games as well.

It still never did anything  :/ new laptop as well now, same thing happens. Just closes when it starts. So far no other issues with other games but this one on this new laptop.


is this game online?

if not than it will make it cooler!

This game is and will always be 100% singleplayer, no multiplayer here. It is the main idea of the game that you must manage all the characters by yourself and also select the right classes and find out the right tactics to be victorious.

Just for update:

Meanwhile it is possible to level to 50 and there are a lot more new features, spells, talents, maps and of course monsters in game and I'm constantly adding new content (see forums or twitter) :-)


This game is pretty neat! The combat is nice, loot is cool and there's lots of party members to level and gear up.

Currently there's content up to level 20 but we should get more content soon as the developer seems active!

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With the update 0.1.03 it is possible to level up to 30-35. In the next update I am planning to bring at least one new area so it will be possible to level approximately up to 40-45. Until the end of the year first level 50 content should be available!


The first update of HOTAR is released!

It holds a new map, new monsters, spells and some talents, too. You will find the complete list of changes on the forums.


Looks very interesting. I hope the development will continue, looking forward for new content :)


Thank you, glad you like it, I'm working on it ;)